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Pokémon Sun and Moon - QR codes for all Pokemon

Pokémon Sun and Moon add a range of new features to the Pokémon series increasing. One of the novelties is QR scanner. The name is an unlucky: you use it to scan QR codes. Now you may be wondering what QR codes you need for this, where you find them and what you end up giving. Look no further, because we have the answer to all your questions. You'll also find QR codes of all Pokémon in the Pokédex Alolan.

Pokémon Sun and Moon - What does QR Scanner?

QR Scanner allows you to obtain information about a Pokémon you have not yet seen in the game. A friend of yours has caught the Pokémon Mimikyu and you want to know where you can find Pikachu lookalike. Your friend is looking at his Pokédex Mimikyu and generates by pressing the X button a QR code with the data that Pokémon. If you scan that code then, Mimikyu is added to your Pokédex, after which you can look up where you can catch the monster.

Please note that you can only generate a QR code of a Pokémon you've caught Pokémon. Pokémon have seen, is not enough. You can not generate a QR code from a Legendary Pokémon, even if you have captured.

You start with ten scans. When you've exhausted 'repair' your one scan every two hours. It therefore takes twenty hours to zero of scans to go to the maximum of ten scans.
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QR Scanner is not yet available from the start. However long you do not have to wait, because during the tutorial on Melemele Island you play it pretty quickly. To find QR Scanner, visit your menu (press X) and click to the second page. You can change the way the icons in the site menu, if you want certain functions rather on the first page.

Select the icon in the menu to start QR Scanner. The Nintendo 3DS camera is activated and the image is displayed on the upper screen. Place the QR code you want to scan in the middle of the screen and press the R button or touch the icon on the lower screen. If all goes well, the QR code is converted into Pokémon information.

Pokémon Sun and Moon - QR Scanner and Scan Island

You get ten points per Pokémon you are scanning. Once you have hundreds of points, you can run a scan Island. That is tantamount to calling a rare Pokémon that are not normally found in Pokémon Sun and Moon is. You get to see the silhouette and the location of the Pokémon, and you get one hour to catch the monster.

There are a few things that you should pay attention. So you can only scan one island run daily, and the Pokémon will appear which you call only once. So be careful that you do not accidentally defeats the Pokémon! Also make sure that you catch the Pokémon within the hour, or your chance is over.

Use Island Scan not on an island that you have not yet fully explored. If you do, you may find that Pokemon can appear in a place that you have not reached yet. You want those rare Pokémon do not let it slip through your fingers?

The advantage is that you can continue to scan, even if you have all the QR codes already. You can, so to speak, even ten times the same scan QR code if you quickly want to collect a hundred points for a scan Island. So stay definitely use this page if you want to catch all the rare Pokemon.

We have an overview of what Pokémon you find on any island. That is not randomly generated, but depends on the date of the Island Scan performs.

After the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon Nintendo gives several Mythical Pokémon away. To get that, you need to scan a special QR code which will be announced during the giveaway events. We set below the European codes for the Mythical Pokémon in a row.

Magearna: The code for Magearna is shown at the end of 'Volcanion and the ingenius Magearna. See which episode or just scan the following QR code.

Mimikyu is a Ghost and Fairy-type Pokémon that is new in the Alola region. In appearance it looks like a Pikachu, but deceives seems; this Pokémon is apparently so abhorrent that it hides under an old rag to get closer to people and other Pokémon. Mimikyu is rather difficult to find, so follow our tips for a better chance to catch this mysterious Pokémon.

After the trial have achieved in the Thrifty Mega Mart Ula'ula Island, then go back to the place of the trial via Route 14 and go back into the Thrifty Mega Mart. Now the trial is over, you have a chance to Golbat, Haunter, Klefki and even Mimikyu to encounter in the wild.

Mimikyu has a 5% encounter rate and 45 catch rate. This means in short that you do not often see Mimikyu appear and when it happens, you have to make the most of the situation. Keep running around in the area. It may take time, but Mimikyu will appear with a little patience itself. You do not have to pick up the Utra Balls out, but it certainly will not happen all at once with the Great Ball or lesser standard Poké Ball.

Because Mimikyu a Ghost Type is working Normal type attacks not on the Pokémon. This means that moves as False Swipe, the attack that lets you attack but always 1HP spillway will not work. Use a Pokemon with a level near Mimikyu to prevent you share too much damage with an attack. Or do you just use weak attacks. The goal is to have as little as possible with Mimikyu HP, with the life bar in the red zone in front of you go for the catch. Status conditions as of Sleep Paralysis always work well, but avoid Poison or Burn seen Mimikyu can beat accidentally.